Hi there, I am Vyana Ma.

             My heart beats with devotion and a love for beauty & creation. By trade I am a guide and teacher, assisting people on their journey towards empowerment. I also live my love of creation through fiber art (weaving, natural dye) and folk medicine music. I currently live in Ojai, CA with my husband & pup.

             My gifts do not just come from the trainings I have completed and the knowledge I have taken in. What I offer comes from every lesson I have lived. I learned to walk this path of consciousness by slowly learning to trust myself as I healed from abuse & addictionThis is my deepest gift to you, the support to trust your inherent wisdom. 

Listen to my full story in the first episode of my podcast.


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“Vyana is like your favorite grandmother who you love to just sit and hear stories from. Her energy is ancient and calming and she radiates love, but is still firm. She guides you where you need to go to get real with yourself in order to experience true growth. I can’t say enough amazing things about her or the {Spirit School} program because words fail me. It’s truly something I believe everybody should experience for themselves.”

 - Elizabeth Lane, MMP | 2017 Spirit School Graduate


“Vyana is pure beauty and brilliance and I have never met another soul like her. You need this teacher in your life!”

- Jill Shapiro | New York, NY 

“Vyana has helped me to heal from traumas in my past that I thought I would never recover from. I have never met anyone like her. She brings so much love and warmth to every interaction and has gone above and beyond to support me on this journey. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher.”
— Lane Hansen | Spooner, WI
To put into words what Vyana has brought into my life as guide and teacher would be nearly impossible, her lessons, wisdom, and the value they hold are infinite and endless as they ring the chord of all that is and should be within.
— Issa Mars | Buffalo, NY
Vyana’s insights have allowed me to make breakthroughs that empowered me to make hard, but liberating, life changing decisions. She’s incredibly passionate about her work and you can feel this in her voice.

- Mckenzie Brill | San Francisco, CA

“Vyana is a very special and rare kind of teacher: she teaches from a place of real connection and wisdom. She stresses the importance of using the knowledge she reveals as a tool to uncover the wisdom we all hold within. She teaches by example, embodying the practices she shares. If you’re searching for a supportive teacher who is in alignment, who masterfully practices what she teaches, who cares most that you find your truth and light within your own self above all, I have found Vyana to be this and more.”
— Kristie Dickinson, MMP | 2017 Spirit School Graduate
“Vyana leads class in a gentle and powerful way that makes you feel so understood and loved. Her presence is truly magical and the Spirit School is a divine gift in the form of a medicine path.”

- Sofie Lynn, MMP | 2017 Spirit School Graduate