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Reclaiming Myself

This morning over coffee Daren and I talked about my process of reclaiming my artist self. As we talked, I realized that for the past few years I have been focused on helping others tell their story, and now it's time for me to tell mine. 
I love assisting in people's journeys to truth & self, *and* I have so much to share from my own journey. This reclamation is me claiming a life in a 'yes, and' world. It's my journey to find the balance between helping others tell their story, & continuing to create mine.
I have so much to share and I am ready to bring you all into /my/ inner world through my art. 
When teaching I feel it's important to take a back seat to my students. Their path to truth is unique so I do my very best to guide &assist from behind, allowing them to choose their own way. While this has been fulfilling in many ways, it has also left me feeling empty in places that once overflowed.
Art has been a passion of mine since I knew what it was. I always had to seek it out& fight for it's presence in my life because I didn't come from a family that cared much about it. For many, many years (far longer than healing work) I poured over fine art books, melted onto the pristine floors of galleries, and identified as an artist. I interned as a junior curator at The Albright Knox gallery in Buffalo, NY during high school, which pulled me even deeper into my love of how a clean white wall can tell the most intimate story in the most clever ways.
Today I still hold that softness for a gallery, &I've been seduced by the way fine art can live &breath in our daily lives. I love the way we can pluck an artists treasure from that clean wall& drop it into the center of a bustling cafe, adorning somebody's body. @zelmarose is such a beautiful example of this. Whenever I wear a piece of hers (like the necklace pictured) people approach me &say "what is that /thing/ you're wearing?" People don't understand if it's a necklace or fine art &just the possibility that the two could coexist seems to throw minds so far from their comfort zone. 
This is just a little snippet of what I'm excited to share with you in the coming years. 
There's more to say but I'm out of room...