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Are you searching for inspiration?

Are you wanting to read but can’t seem to find the time?
Do you have a tough time finding a book that holds your attention and excitement?

Sounds like you need the VNM Virtual Book Club.



  • Each month we’ll read a new book together.

  • Since we have a lot on our plates, I’ll outline exactly how many pages to read each day with various goal options.

  • I’ll announce the coming month’s book two weeks before the month begins so you have time to get a copy.

  • Each month there will be a book club blog post dedicated to being the container for us to gather and share.

  • I’ll update the post weekly with my favorite quotes & critical reflections of the week’s reading.

  • The comment section is the place for you to do the same!


  • Borrow a copy of the month’s book from your local library or purchase a physical, digital, or audio copy of the book. *

  • Read/listen along, following the page count per day to reach your goal. (see the ‘book introduction’ post of the current month for daily page goals)

  • Share your thoughts and favorite quotes in the comment section of the month’s community forum post (below). Since the community here is scattered all around the globe, in different time zones, with difference schedules and needs, this is a rolling book club. That means we won’t gather at specific time, but the opportunity to engage, share, and connect is always here.

*If you’re committed to joining the book club, don’t have access to a library, and don’t have the funds to purchase a new book, please e-mail me at when the coming month’s book is announced. I have a few copies to gift each month to those who don’t have access to books. Please only request a copy if you are absolutely committed to joining the book club.

I cannot guarantee a book to each person who needs one and do my best to make copies available to different people each month.


I’ll confirm each title 2 weeks before the new month and offer an overview of each book.

The current month’s book is bolded below.


January | Essentialism by Greg McKewon

February | Well That Escalated Quickly by Franchesca Ramsey

March | Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki