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My Tools

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With most things in my life, I operate under the idea that if I’m going to do something, I should learn to do it well. This is not one of those things. I’m just here, this year, to have fun.
As a new parent with a 9 month old, spending time being creative *for only myself* is both scarce and vital. This challenge is an effort to make time for myself, to prioritize my joy, and have a little fun.
The questions fueling this project are:
1. Can I dedicate at least 10 minutes to my creativity everyday?
2. Can I push myself to value something that’s done over something that’s perfect? 
3. Am I willing to be seen in process, unfinished, and imperfect?
My tools:
1. iPad Pro
2. Apple Pencil
3. Procreate App
Right now I’m really enjoying exploring a digital medium for the first time, and I’m so grateful for the access I have to these tools.
I’ve been prepping myself for the new year by taking the month of December to practice. So far I’ve come to really enjoy working with:
• the monoline calligraphy brush
• the fine tip inking brush
• and a paper texture
As I refine and add to my list of tools, I’ll update here for anyone who’s interested.
Thanks for being here!

Community Entries | December

Before we even officially began the challenge, so many of you have jumped right in. It has been so inspiring to see all the different ways you’re creating. Here are a few from the hashtag.

(note: stories will not be featured in these posts)

By @myreyeam

“Hi everyone! Still trying to recover from a cough but I wanted to start sharing some of my doodle drawings, for those who don’t know me personally... I absolutely love drawing ✍🏽 mainly flowers/plants 🌿 so I want to start incorporating them in little poem posts that way I remain consistent in my practice. I haven’t drawn in, I don’t know how long but I recently created a logo that completely inspired me to get back on it! ✨ #PensandTruths & #tenminutesofcreativity

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.15.33 PM.png


“This time I present to you my sweet pie named BLU (AZUL in Spanish) she is 3 months old and she takes all my blues away. I found her on the street in front of my house and I adopted her. She will be a traveling dog. 💙Another #10minutesofcreativity with #indianaeveryday and @vyanaeveryday

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By @riverandhazel

“~ peace at dusk ~ the sky was a crazy colour this evening and as I made my way down the stairs, the sheer beauty of it stopped me in my tracks. I felt immediately inspired to grab my camera and capture this sweet moment of serenity ~ (we made this small willow wreath for the kids room, it was such a joyful process ☺) thank you to @vyana.novus for inspiring me to make time for my creative expression 💛 #tenminutesofcreativity

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.20.39 PM.png

By @stephaniemackley

“Hooray for the 10 mins of creativity idea from @vyana.novus and this rad exercise from @lynda_barry#tenminutesofcreativity