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My mission in life is to create joyful and supportive ripples in the community around me. To meet this goal I offer various fundraisers and community initiatives each month and through my online courses.

Ongoing Initiatives 


  • planting between 50 - 200 trees per student
  • creating scholarships for POC & LGBTQIA
  • supporting female & POC run small business in partnership with Vyana Ma
  • supporting green businesses like our eco-conscious manual printer
  • carbon neutrality for my business and personal carbon emissions (I offset via Climate Neutral Now)

Fundraiser Meditation Sound Healing
in Ojai, Ca

Each month funds are donated to a different organizations to spread the support for the creation of safe space for marginalized communities. 


August Sound Healing

The funds raised during August's gathering will be donated to the Brave Space Alliance to support the trans community. Brave Space Alliance "equips trans people - in particular trans women, trans people of color, poor and working class trans people, non-binary and gender queer people - with the skills to defend themselves and fight back against violence."

Details will be posted soon.

Teen Art Night in New Cuyama, Ca

Starting in September at Blue Sky Center

The workshops are hosted in partnership with my husband, Daren, of Real Fun, Wow!

Our monthly teen art classes are designed to support local migrant families. In an area where youth are grateful to not have gang violence in their community, but need access to safe & stimulating activities, bringing artistic expression to the surface can be a life changing opportunity.

These workshops offer teens an opportunity to lean a new artistic skill each month paired with emotional support and communication tools to gracefully express themselves. We focus on sharing tools that they can continue working with in their everyday life.

All funds raised prior to our gatherings will help us purchase art supplies for the kids to take home so they can continue developing their artistic voice.