Hello and Welcome!

I am Vyana Ma.

I help leaders make greater impact by authentically living their dharmic path, the cosmic purpose for incarnating at this time.

The journey to living your purpose is not one of seeking, but rather allowing. This is not a space for spiritual materialism (the pursuit of spirituality that boosts the ego) but rather a space for genuine service to your unique purpose in this world.

My courses and offerings are all rooted in the essence of devotion, creation, and service. By blending creative expression with devotion and service to humanity, I help untangle the threads that anchor the individual into relationship with the whole.


A Bit About Me:

I began teaching this work after navigating intense darkness in my youth filled with incest, abuse, and addiction. Through the use of Bhakti yoga (devotion), Karma yoga (service), the study of Hatha yoga (including but not limited to asana/movement), artistic expression, and Energy Medicine, I found my way to a toolbox that has allowed the expression of my cosmic purpose. 

Hear my full story in the first episode of my podcast and check out my community initiatives focused on connected and empowering my community.


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