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Are you ready to build a balanced, creative, & stable life without guilt and shame?

If you’re sick of glorifying exhaustion, curious about how to carve out time for yourself, set boundaries with your family, and have some space to make mistakes too, welcome!

Here you’ll find monthly recipes, a weekly lifestyle blog, and daily illustrations to inspire creativity, expand emotional intelligence, and take accessible action to build the peaceful home life you’ve been dreaming about. I also love sharing my favorite resources from book recommendations to business tools, and community projects supporting marginalized communities to solutions for living a healthy & balanced life.

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I’m a mother & artist based in Ojai, California. My three favorite mediums are writing, food, and fiber - all of which you’ll find sprinkled around this site! I believe in consistency over perfection, effort over excuses, and acceptance over rejection.

As a queer parent living with Complex-PTSD, overcoming a life threatening illness, I understand how scary, overwhelming, and exhausting life can be. What I share with you here is built on the foundation of less but better - because let’s face it, we’re tired and we need things that work now.

Vyana is such a powerful Light in this world. I cannot say enough about the changes she has helped me achieve in not only myself but in those that surround me. You could not ask for a more safe, supported and loving environment to explore and heal in than the one Vyana has created.

Michelle Black | London, England

When I hear Vyana speak, it’s as if the world has slowed enough for me to be in many places and in many times at once, simultaneously connected to everything and everyone. Her voice is a portal to the limitless, to the essence of life, to a natural state of being. Her presence is powerfully captivating, her wisdom is profound and penetrates deeply into all layers of existence, and she is clear, honest, well-studied, and experienced.

Kim Wood | Kauai, HI