the solar ojai collection

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solar dyed color inspired
by the ojai pink moment

All those who have experienced a sunset in the Ojai Valley can attest to the magic of 'the pink moment.' As the sun falls towards the horizon, the east-west facing Topa Topa mountains light up with enchanting muted pink & peach tones. This magnetic color is created as the sunlight refracts over the mountain peaks, and it was this combination of earth, light, & color that has inspired my Solar Ojai collection.



The collection

The collection doesn't refer to a specific color or palette but rather the process of using the way light meets earth to create color. This collection focuses on plants grown in the Ojai Valley in Southern California.

the process

Using a combination of wild harvested & locally grown plants from my home valley, I create powdered pigments that reveal their color under the light of the sun. 

First the plants are dried and ground into powder, then mixed with seawater from our local beaches.

The dye solution is poured into large glass jars with scoured organic fiber and placed in the sun until it reaches my desired color.