The human Ripples

sustainability is not just about the earth, it's about people too.

notes about including people under the umbrella of sustainability and why it's important to me


The people behind the fiber

Supporting indigenous wisdom, farmers, women, & educators

  • Gutierrez family in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Sally Fox in Northern California
  • Wild Nettle from the Himalayans
  • Graham Keegan dye seeds


The people behind the lens 

Featuring real people, centering woc 

  • Amber Lee
  • Mysha Gardner-White
  • Ariane Aumont
  • Narmeen 
  • Maria Cauldron


beyond every purchase

Supporting elders, education, and the earth

  • Adopt an Elder
  • Eden Project
  • Seed, Root, Bloom Herbal School for BIPOC