Vyana’s words ooze authenticity, when she speaks the world rumbles in approval. Every time I have been lucky enough to hear her speak I feel ancient truths from the collective unconscious coming forth, she is so vulnerable with her verbal offerings and in turn powerful truths are always revealed.
Even 5 minutes of listening to her speak are a gift of a lifetime. Endless gratitude to the spirit speaking through her.
— Sofie Lynn / Stylist & Energy Medicine Practitioner / San Francisco, CA
If you ever have an opportunity to experience one of Vyana’s classes I recommend you do it and do it as often as possible.
— Melissa Bixby / Motivational Coach / Port Townsend, Wa
Vyana radiates loves and is still firm. She guides you where you need to to get real with yourself in order to experience true growth. You know she wants to see you succeed and that is her drive when working alongside you. I can’t say enough amazing things about her or the Spirit School because words fail me. It’s truly something I believe everybody should experience for themselves.”
— Elizabeth Lane / Energy Practitioner / Portland, Or
Vyana has helped me to heal from traumas in my past that I thought I would never recover from. I have never met anyone like her. Vyana brings so much love and warmth to every interaction and has gone above and beyond to support me on this journey. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher.
— Lane Hansen / Healer / Spooner, Wi
Vyana has such a nurturing and caring presence that cannot be described through words. During our session So many emotions came pouring out of me and it was a really intense experience, but I knew I was safe with Vyana.
— Colleen Soltys / Oakland Ballet Company / San Francisco, Ca