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The community here is what makes this place so special. It’s YOU that makes what I do worth doing. If you’re new here, let me tell you a bit about who we are together.

  1. We care about our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
    That means we scope our goals to meet our capacity, value mental health support from professionals, care about what we eat, and create space for personal growth.

  2. We value each other and want to be better to each other.
    Not only do we value learning how to hold our privileges with more awareness, but also how to take action to counter the systems of oppression we’ve be raised in. We want to take radical responsibility for our ourselves and our actions, and learn how to live in a way that is truly non-violent to another.

  3. We’re captivated by creativity.
    There may be a layers of doubt and shame wrapped over our creative expression, but we know our creative self is alive. We hear it’s voice whispering in the back of our heads and we’re here to figure out how to create safe space to let it sing out loud.

  4. We want to create more stability and power in our lives through our finances.
    It may feel overwhelming, but we’re willing to do the work to understand what we don’t yet know.

  5. We care about ourselves enough to do the dirty work.
    It’s exhausting, disorienting, and a down right mess in the shadows, but we willingly walk there knowing it’s going to make our lives better. And it’s not just about the way we feel inside our own bodies, but also how we behave in our relationships too. ‘Boundaries’ is an important word around here!

  6. Many of us are dealing with trauma, mental health difficulties, and/or chronic illness.
    This is a place where many of us live with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and a number of other experiences that greatly shift our capacity & experience of reality. We show up here to be reminded that it’s okay to slow down, take rest, and redefine success.

  7. We value consent. As a community we value asking first, waiting for a response, and honoring a person’s answer. That means we value when somebody says ‘no.’ We focus on our impact, not intention. And we want to learn more about creating and boundaries. It also means we believe that vulnerability isn’t an invitation for unsolicited advice.

  8. We’re tired.
    And many of us need to learn how to rest because we’ve never been given the chance. Hustle may be hardwired in our bones as a means of survival, but we’re here to override those signals and prioritize our rest.


Our Collective Why:

We want to feel worthy of pleasure and joy. We want to feel stable and secure. We want to feel safe enough to fail. We want to feel calm, at peace, worthy, and complete. We want to be appreciated and understood. We want to trust ourselves and continue learning how to love ourselves.

If this sounds like you, I’m so glad you’re here! Come get inspired and make some new friends in the vnm monthly virtual book club or the vnm daily creativity challenge.