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Hi! I’m Vyana.

I’m a queer artist & parent based in Ojai, California. My pronouns are they/them.

Beneath my color & illustration work is a foundation and love for design strategy, business, and marketing. The inspiration for my fine art is a deep curiosity and reverence for existence. And the foundation under all I create is a passion for boundaries, rest, and storytelling.

I love remaining a student and regularly study with fellow artists & teachers around the world to deepen my knowledge & skills.

My work is influenced by my experience living with Complex-PTSD, a ripple from the cocktail of childhood trauma I experienced including (CW) incestuous rape, physical abuse, mental abuse, eating disorders, and drug addiction.

I also pull a lot of inspiration & lessons from the previous professional fields I’ve worked in including baking, teaching, massage therapy, yoga, third wave coffee, and mindfulness meditation.

5 Facts About Me

  1. I almost died after giving birth.

    This major pivot point in my life is when I wrote The Redefining Success Journal and made the resolution to focus my career on illustration & painting.

  2. One of my life goals is to be a polyglot (someone who speaks many languages).

    Currently I speak English, some Italian, a tiny bit of French, and I can order coffee in Spanish & Danish. I take weekly lessons with an Italian tutor, and hope to speak only Italian with my baby (our ancestral language) once my proficiency is better. Right now we do a mix of Italian & English at home.

  3. I hosted my first fundraiser when I was 15.

    This event was the first time I led a community focused initiative. It was a large scale event that took 1 year to plan, and it has impacted the way I work even today.

  4. I’ve lived off grid, in tiny homes, and in communities many times.

    These experiences have helped me learn how to live & create more sustainably, set boundaries clearly, and value a minimal lifestyle.

  5. I deeply value communication & boundaries.

    This extends to all corners of my life, and I especially love bringing it into my work. Making sure my boundaries and my client’s boundaries feel honored and respected, and keeping a clean line of communication open are non-negotiable for me.

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