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My Tools

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With most things in my life, I operate under the idea that if I’m going to do something, I should learn to do it well. This is not one of those things. I’m just here, this year, to have fun.
As a new parent with a 9 month old, spending time being creative *for only myself* is both scarce and vital. This challenge is an effort to make time for myself, to prioritize my joy, and have a little fun.
The questions fueling this project are:
1. Can I dedicate at least 10 minutes to my creativity everyday?
2. Can I push myself to value something that’s done over something that’s perfect? 
3. Am I willing to be seen in process, unfinished, and imperfect?
My tools:
1. iPad Pro
2. Apple Pencil
3. Procreate App
Right now I’m really enjoying exploring a digital medium for the first time, and I’m so grateful for the access I have to these tools.
I’ve been prepping myself for the new year by taking the month of December to practice. So far I’ve come to really enjoy working with:
• the monoline calligraphy brush
• the fine tip inking brush
• and a paper texture
As I refine and add to my list of tools, I’ll update here for anyone who’s interested.
Thanks for being here!