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Are you yearning to feel more creative?

Do you have a burning desire to create something but don’t feel like there’s enough time/it won’t be good enough/ you’re not creative enough?

Do you think creativity just isn’t your thing?

Well, I invite you to come join me on this creativity exploration in 2019 and put all of those excuses to rest!



  1. Pick a medium | it can be something new and unknown or something familiar. Just follow your curiosity! Cooking, singing, dancing, drawing, sewing, pottery, etc. - it’s all art!

  2. Set a *daily* goal | keep it simple, realistic, and attainable. Ex: if you choose pottery, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make a bowl everyday, BUT you could take 10 minutes a day to sketch out ideas and take 1 hour a week to get your hands on clay.

  3. Give it boundaries | a time limit, a system of accountability, a way to celebrate - build a container around your goal. Ex: I’m choosing 10 minutes per day, daily IG posting, and a weekly blog post with the week’s illustrations. You don’t have to put your work on display to the whole world, but consider asking a friend/partner/family member to join you on this challenge and share with each other.

  4. Have fun! | this is really the heart of the whole challenge! If it’s not fun, it won’t get done (as @marieforleo says). This isn’t about being good, great, or perfect, it’s about curiosity, exploration, and consistency.


• committing 10 minutes (or more if you feel called) to yourself and to your creativity everyday builds the most important kind of trust - self trust!
• you are creative by nature and wow, our whole world is better when you use that magic
• it’s a fun way to connect with each other. More connection = more joy
• and as Seth Godin says, “those who fail the most, win.” Meaning, those who are willing to take small risks often learn quick and build success.

So let’s fail together, redefine success together, get creative together for a more joyful and impactful 2019!

Throughout 2019 I’ll share a Monthly feature of everything YOU create & share too!


  • Post a picture of your creation(s) on Instagram and #tenminutesofcreativity (note: stories will not be featured because they disappear after 24 hours)

  • or you can email me a picture of your creations with a caption you’d like to go with it and you name as you’d like it displayed. for email, use the subject ‘ten minutes of creativity’ and send to

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