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 Vyana’s words ooze authenticity, when she speaks the world rumbles in approval. Every time I have been lucky enough to hear her speak I feel ancient truths from the collective unconscious coming forth, she is so vulnerable with her verbal offerings and in turn powerful truths are always revealed. 
Even 5 minutes of listening to her speak are a gift of a lifetime. Endless gratitude to the spirit speaking through her.

— Sofie Lynn / Vidal Sassoon Stylist / San Francisco, CA

Vyana is like your favorite grandmother who you love to just sit and hear stories from. Her energy is ancient and calming and she radiates loves. You know she wants to see you succeed and that is her drive when working alongside you.

— Elizabeth Lane / Energy Practitioner, Mother / Portland, Or

Vyana has such a nurturing and caring presence that cannot be described through words. I knew I was safe with [her].

— Colleen Soltys / Oakland Ballet Company / San Francisco, Ca

Vyana’s insights have allowed me to make breakthroughs that empowered me to make hard, but liberating life changing decisions. She’s incredibly passionate about her work and you can feel this in her voice.

— Mckenzie Brill / Morning Gloryville / San Francisco, Ca

What people are saying about The Redefining Success Journal

“It’s like a bed but for my brain” - @corawhisper

“…What I love about this work book is how much space there is for creativity. I truly feel comfortable and dare I say, PROUD? of how much I’ve learned just through the daily tasks encouraged through this book…“ - December N Wilke

“The Redefining Success Journal slows me down and gives me moments of pause to reflect. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to unfold deeper into their personal writing and self-care practice.” - Alexandra Elle, @alex_elle

“How did [Vyana] know this was just what I needed to read/hear?” - Amazon Customer

“Vyana has created the ‘ultimate check-in’ with this beautifully structured accountability system. This journal is The space to feel allowed to structure all facets of your daily human experience in a constructive way…” - Maria K’uychi Calderon, @mariacauldron

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