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Are you ready for a creative and stable life without guilt and shame?

If you’re sick of feeing like you’ve never done enough, curious about how to carve out time for yourself, and need some space to make mistakes too, welcome.

Here you’ll find

  • monthly recipes

  • a lifestyle & resource blog

  • daily illustrations

  • a monthly virtual book club

  • and a 10 minute / day creativity challenge

all to inspire creativity, expand emotional intelligence, and take accessible action to build the peaceful life you’ve been dreaming about.

Hi! I’m Vyana Novus-Magee.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist and mother based in Ojai, California. My work is rooted in the principle of humble luxury, the idea that a luxurious, pleasurable, and safe life isn’t an exclusive experience for an elite group of people, but rather something that’s available to all of us.

As a queer parent living with Complex-PTSD and overcoming a life threatening illness, I understand how scary, overwhelming, and exhausting life can be. What I share with you here is built on the foundation of less but better to bring you greater results at home, in the kitchen, in your bank account, and through your creativity, with less struggle.


Vyana is such a powerful Light in this world. I cannot say enough about the changes she has helped me achieve in not only myself but in those that surround me. You could not ask for a more safe, supported and loving environment to explore and heal in than the one Vyana has created.

Michelle Black | London, England

When I hear Vyana speak, it’s as if the world has slowed enough for me to be in many places and in many times at once, simultaneously connected to everything and everyone. Her voice is a portal to the limitless, to the essence of life, to a natural state of being. Her presence is powerfully captivating, her wisdom is profound and penetrates deeply into all layers of existence, and she is clear, honest, well-studied, and experienced.

Kim Wood | Kauai, HI

Vyana has brought so much powerful growth and transformation to my life. You can feel the intention and love she puts into each exchange she has with people.

Sofie Lynn | San Francisco, California

The Redefining Success Journal

You’re enough and you’re doing a great job! Now it’s time to believe it.

After getting a septic blood infection during postpartum and kissing death on the cheek, I went through a 6 week period of intense recovery, and many months of healing after that. This illness, paired with the complex-PTSD I was already navigating, and the transition into parenthood inspired the creation of this journal.

The Redefining Success Journal offers a helping hand and a guiding light through difficult moments in life. It’s especially impactful for new parents, people with mental and/or chronic illness, PTSD, and those navigating big life changes.

The journal was created at a time when walking from my bedroom to the living room was a huge success and finding pleasure in my day was a struggle. The book encapsulates the exercises and thought processes I developed to stay in my body and reclaim a sense of accomplishment when life looked anything but successful.

If you feel like you’ve never done enough in a day, doubt yourself, and feel alone in your struggles, this journal is hand to hold yours.

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Tune In

Listen to me share about my journey to create the journal, my perspective on success, and my experience of trauma on the Radical Remembrance Podcast and the Expectful Podcast.

FREE Bedtime Audio Meditation

PLUS a bonus 5 day rest reclamation workshop

Do you find yourself stressed, worried, and anxious as you try to fall asleep at night? When you lay your head on your pillow, do you find yourself suddenly trying to solve the day’s problems and recount everything you didn’t accomplish during the day? Do you wake up feeling exhausted and struggle to keep your focus during the day?

If so, don’t let another night pass without this free meditation & workshop delivered right to your inbox.


What You Get:

DAY 1 | Put me to bed Audio Meditation

This adult bedtime story is designed to tuck you into bed and help you drift off to sleep with ease in under 20 minutes.

DAY 2 | What is rest? Activity Sheet

On the second day you’ll receive an activity sheet to help you explore & express what rest means to you.

DAY 3 | Meeting my needs Exercise Prompt

On the third day you’ll get my favorite 10 minute activity to help consistently make sure your most basic needs are met everyday.

DAY 4 | Being heard feels like rest Journal Prompt

On the fourth day you’ll receive a journal prompt to help dump your worries before you climb into bed at night.

DAY 5 | Prioritizing rest Exercise Prompt

On the final day of the workshop you’ll receive a simple 2 minute nightly exercise to help you prioritize rest in the coming day.

Have trouble turning away from social media to rest, read, or create?

Need a reminder every time you pick up your phone? Download my free lock screen images and choose from 3 options to stay focused on what’s most essential to you!