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From the Community: I love to be reminded of...

The ‘From the Community’ series of posts is a compilation of everything you have to say. The first post comes as a poetic reflection of what brings us comfort, joy, and strength.


I asked all of you on Instagram, ‘what do you love to be reminded of?’

Here’s what you said:


How far I’ve come

Drink water

I am enough

There is enough 

The only moment is now 

I am protected

I will always land on my feet

Other people have the same struggles as me 

I’m not broken, I’m simply feeling

The human experiences includes suffering 


I am included 

Slow down 

I am loved

I am a great mother 


I will be ok even when things in my life aren’t ok 

What it feels like to fall in love

How I was when I was a kid

My kindness

My creativity

To breathe

We’re all in this together 

I’m capable

My life is guided

Everything will always be okay

Slow down

I am appreciated

My true self can be shown because it’s always loved

Times of happiness


I am loved

I matter

Magical moments from childhood

Everything is energy and I’m connected to it all

Gratitude for this beautiful life

My childhood 

My grandmother

That caterpillars liquify in their cocoons and then transform from cellular sludge

I am enough

I am worthy

It’s okay to not be okay

The people I care about are proud of me

I can do anything I put my mind to

Happy times with family

Don’t take things so seriously

B r e a t h

Divine love - sometimes hard to see, hard to feel, but always there


Be gentle with myself

I’m not alone 

all human emotions bond us

I bring joy to others


My “big problems” are insignificant to the universe

True joy to come

My strength

I am loved, valued, and respected

To believe in myself 

Thoughts become things

How someone else sees me.

It’s okay to rest.