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Journals & Planners for a Focused & Creative 2019


These are the journals & planers I’m using to kick start and focus my 2019 goals:


The Passion Planner
I’ve been using this planner for the past 5 years and I absolutely love it! This year I’ve opted for the larger version which lives at my desk for internal business planning.

The Unsolicited Advice Planner by Adam JK
This is a new one I’m working into the rotation. It’s smaller than my passion planner and a bit more casual. I’m keeping this one tucked into my person for personal planning.


The Redefining Success Journal by me!
This is the journal I created after my experience postpartum and it’s a system I genuinely love. The daily prompts help me feel inspired and push me to center my joy, even on tough days.

Today I Affirm by Alexandra Elle
I love everything Alex Elle creates and I’m so excited for the release of this new journal in January. I’ll be weaving it into my rotation once my copy arrives!

These Three Things by Lisa Anderson Shaffer
I love to reflect at the end of the day on what lessons I learned. I think this is a really unique perspective on daily journaling and while some days it’s challenge, I love that it pushes me to really inspect & dissect my daily experiences.


The Kinship Family Journal by Summer Robertson
This is a new journal I’m trying for the first time this year. I received a copy after backing their Kickstarter and I look forward to seeing how this linen hardcover journal captures us as a whole family.

Blank Leather Bound for Daelu
Since I was 36 weeks pregnant (minus 6 weeks postpartum) I’ve been keeping a journal for Daelu. It’s a simple leather bound journal that I try to write in at least once a week.

Monthly Family Journal
Since 2016 Daren and I have been keeping a joint journal. At the start of the year we write our word of the year and pick words to anchor each month. We casually come to the journal whenever we remember to free write and always sit down once a month on the New Moon to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, what our goals are for the next month, what we’re dreaming about, and how our anchor word is/isn’t guiding us. In 2018 we fell off the wagon a bit as we settled into parenthood, but I’m excited to recenter into the practice as we enter 2019. We’re still using the same book we got in 2016 so it feels like a living time capsule.
The journal we’re using is one from Shorthand based in LA.


  • I leave Daelu’s leather journal & These Three Things in the bathroom to write in at the end of the day after I brush my teeth. I keep this reflection to maybe 5 minutes and don’t feel so attached to completing them both everyday.

  • My Passion Planner and The Redefining Success Journal live at my desk for focused business work, creative goal scoping, and to fuel my sense of accomplishment when I sit down to work.

  • The Unsolicited Advice Planner lives in my purse for life planning.

  • The Kinship Family Journal lives on the living room credenza.

  • Our Monthly Family Journal lives in the kitchen.

  • Today I Affirm will go next to my bed to do first thing in the morning once it arrives in January!

Now I’d love to hear from you! What journal/planner are you using this year? How do you come to your practice of reflection?