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Social Media Repost Rules

When you share an artist’s work, you’re sharing a piece of their heart & soul. Please handle that responsibility with care. If you’re called to share my work, first, thank you! Second, please honor my boundaries as listed below:

1. Tag me *first* in your caption and also in the image itself.
My name should *never* come after someone else’s tag. My handle should be the very first words in your caption. This ensures that if someone screenshots the image from your feed, my name remains attached to it.

2. Put a line in your caption telling people to only repost from my original image so they see these rules.

3. Do not edit or change my work.
Adding a filter, lightening, or darkening is editing. These colors are intentional and a part of the story I’m choosing to tell.

4. Do not crop my work.

5. My work may not be used to sell or promote something you’re profiting from unless we have an agreement.
If you’re interested in custom illustrations, click here. If you’re interested in licensing, email me at

6. Use my preferred pronouns when referring to me. (They/them)

7. Use only the share arrow when posting to stories, not a screenshot.
This makes sure that people can get back to the original post in one click.

8. If you’re not sure if something is ok, send me a message.
You can either DM on Instagram or email me at

At art galleries there are codes of conduct. There’s no flash photography, no touching, and we all must stand a certain distance from the art.

Galleries now live in our pockets which is absolutely amazing and something that hasn’t been clearly defined yet. So, let’s create the standard to respect artists here together.

I know you care about honoring creators and I believe if we all take action in this way for all artists here, we can set a new standard.